Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Jan 25, 2016

Corcon is excited to announce the successful opening of a new coffee shop, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, at the Fulton Center in Downtown Manhattan, NY. The Fulton Center, after undergoing extensive renovations, now houses a Retail Center and Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, which was the first of its new spaces to open.  This space consists of an extremely thought out interior and exterior design.  Patrons of Irving Farm have exclusive use of an open area lounge located directly outside of the shop’s doors.  A combination of the lighting, interior and exterior wood walls, hard metal finisheds and polished concrete floor create an inviting atmosphere for customers all around.  Corcon is proud to have successfully turned over this space and look forward to continuing our relationship with this client. 

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DC Welcomes KIT and ACE

Jan 15, 2016

Corcon is proud to announce the opening of a new KIT and ACE store in Washington, DC. The KIT and ACE store is a relatively new endeavor to an established client which previously had a very strong internet presence. The store consisted of many specialty finishes and well thought out innovative merchandising strategies. The design and merchandise presentations are the star of its customer friendly shopping experience.  With the challenges presented and all parties’ cooperative efforts, the aggressive schedule was maintained with flawless quality. The fixturing installations and high end finishes have led to rave reviews within the industry.  Corcon looks forward to partnering our efforts with KIT and ACE and at the same time, offer up our heartfelt congratulations for the new concepts and future store openings. We look forward to years of successful triumphs together.

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