Corcon understands the needs of its clients. Timeliness and communication are paramount to any project’s success along with maintaining budgets and providing the highest quality craftsmanship. With our personal commitment and dedication to every project, we have earned the business and respect of the nation’s largest retailers and developers. Our team consists of professional estimators, project managers, site superintendents, as well as an in-depth, established group of valued subcontractors nationwide. We can act either as a general contractor, or work in a more specialized capacity such as construction manager or design/builder.

Together we successfully work to meet all aspects and phases of the building process. As a solutions-based construction company, we are able to differentiate ourselves from the competition. There are always issues and challenges that arise throughout any project. Being able to present these challenges along with solutions to clients is crucial. Bringing solutions to the table enables progress to be made, and ultimately gets a project built successfully.

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